domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

Jobs and Occupations.

What's your name?
My name is noelia.
2.- Where are you from?
I'm from Puerto Rico.
3.- What do you do?
working in his new album
4.- Where do you work
I am singer.
5.- What´s are you like?
I am honest and hardworking.


What do you do1 I’m a teacher

I teach estudents

2 I’m a chef


I wook in a restaurant

3 I’m a truk driver

truk driver

I drive trucks

4 I’ m a waiter


I serve food in the restaurant

5 I’m a postal worker

postal worker

I bring letters

6 I’ m a firefighter


I fight fires

7 I’ m a doctor


Itreat patients

8 I’ m a nurse


I look after patients

what are you wering? unidad 11

closing :
she is wearing electric blue dress, is holding a bracelets, small earring in his ears, a golden hand bag, plus some sunglasses, a cute belted gold.

cost is 140. Bolivares only the dress, the handbag has a cost of 300 bolivates, the sunglasses have a cost of 170 Bolivares, the bracelets have a cost of 200 Bolivares.

2.)Clothing description: 

- Sara has a skinny gray pants, a black jacket, gray top a dressy black heel boots.
the cost of the gray pants is 120. bolivares, black jacket costs 500 Bolivares, the dressy top is a cost of 150 bolivars and black heeled boots cost 300 Bolivares.

- Isabel is wearing a black short skirt, a black jacket, a black tights, black boots, a black turtleneck shirt, and a small black belted. 
 the black skirt costs 50 Bolivares, the black jacket costs 300 Bolivares, the tinghs cost 200 Bolivares, the black shirt costs 150 Bolivares, black belted costs 40 Bolivares.
- Lourdes is dressed with an electric blue short dress has a black leather jacket and some black high heels.
electric blue dress costs 250 Bolivares, the black jacket costs 300 bolivates and black shoes volivares 350 accounts.

lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

Convertation the Clothing sones

the heels shoes black and white, has a  value of bsf400. the sandals brown, gold and black, has a value of bsf250. the boot gray,red,purple,white and blackhas haves a value bsf 180. the sneakers black, have price of bsf500. are black but have more colors, as yellow,red,white,gray and green. the sweater black y beige, have a value of bsf350. the tshirts blue and pink, have a value of bsf80. the jacket white and black have a price of bsf550. the pants beige, have a price of bsf250. the blue jeans, have a value of bsf 300. the shorts beige, have a price bsf100. dress red, have a value of bsf650. the coat beige, purple, have a value of bsf800. suit black, have a price of bsf1100. tie black and white, have a price of bsf150. blouse black,red and white, have a value of bsf300. skirt  black ,brown and white, have a price of bsf200. socks gray a gray and red,  gray pink, have price of bsf40. cap black a blue and white, have a value of bsfr50.

lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

Planet Green

We all know that pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment, causing damage and disorder. But there are many ways to contaminate a means, such as noise pollution, light, water, or as the case before us today, air pollution. Air pollution situation
The air pollution situation in Venezuela is such that even came to say in a study of environmental action that could reduce the average life expectancy in two or three years.
Something scary.
Venezuelan cities, 50 some breathing polluted air.
Unfortunately, it appears that most regional governments appear to show a certain passivity.
At the time, the European community asked us to explain.
It is expected that 2011 will end higher air pollution.
We also know that air pollution causes health problems: it makes the population increase in heart attacks, profoundly harming people with asthma and allergies, etc ...
Characteristics of air pollution
Here, we describe some of the characteristics of this disease that affects our environment.
Air pollution is composed primarily of the following elements: Carbon Monoxide carbon dioxide nitrogen monoxide sulfur dioxide methane Ozone

Parts of my house

My house and the rooms

Hi everyone...

I live in big house with my parents in Maracaibo,In my house there are thirteen rooms.- two living room, a kitchen, a dining room, three bathrooms, four bedrooms, a laundry room and a garage.


Karell:Hi Milagros how are you?

*Milagros: Hi Karell good and you?

*Karell: Well thank god! I can make you a question?

*Milagros: Yeah right tell me wath happened?

*Karell:  what time you usually get up?

*Milagros: I get up around at 10 oclock am

Karell: That's ok and generally what is your routine after you wake?

Milagros: Good friend after I get up I go to the beathrooom,
Breakfast, get dressed and then I check my schudele of
Matters before I left for university class.

Karell: And when it arrives at your house after you leave class?

Milagros: Arribed around at 6:00pm oclock I bath, and then I get
To review the materials the next day before going to sleep!

Karell: Ok thanks for the information rita you are well.

My Daily Routine

My Daily Routine

08:00 am: get out of bed
08:30 am: brush my teeth for breakfast
09:00 am: bath
9:30 a.m.: dress and comb
10:00 am: ami wait to go to college transport
11:30 am: I get to college and talk to my friends
12:30 am: lunch with my friend
01:00 pm: I hear my classes
05:00 pm: I go to classes
05:30 pm: my way home
07:00 pm: dinner with my family
07:30 pm: study
09:00 pm: watch TV
11:00 pm: I sleep following negotiations

DESCRIBES here I get up my daily routine wings 08:00 am to 08:30: am I brush my teeth for breakfast 9:00 a.m. 9:30 a.m. I shower I get dressed and comb my transprote 10:00 a.m. I hope to go 11:30 a.m. to college I came to college I talk to my friends 12:30 pm Lunch 10:00 pm with my friends listen to my classes I leave 05:00 pm 05:30 pm classes go on my way home 07:00 pm
dinner with my family 07:30 pm study  09:00 pm watch tv 11:00 pm  I'm going to sleep again

domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011



Her name is Milagros.Her favorite months of the years is december. Because It's christmas. Her

birthday is on february eighteeth.